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Eclipse 2017 was truly great!

We look forward to eventually hearing many many stories from so many places in Tennessee.
We'll be wrapping this up soon, and moving to a site to highlight astronomy all over the state.
If you have safe solar glasses left over and don't want to save/use them yourself, you can donate to Astronomers Without Borders for use elsewhere in the world!
The resources gathered for the eclipse are wonderful to use anytime to talk about the Sun. Hopefully we'll all continue to do more solar outreach. By the next US eclipse the Sun will be on the active side of the sunspot cycle, putting on a show.

Tennessee Astronomy Clubs:
BSAS Nashville Facebook page Cumberland Astronomical Society
Murfreesboro Astronomy Memphis Astronomical Society
Barnard Astronomical Society Chattanooga
Knoxville Observers ORION (Oak Ridge)
Smoky Mountain Astronomical Society Bays Mountain Astronomy Club
Bristol Astronomy Club

-2017 website
-Solar eclipses
-Javascipt explorer
-Great American Eclipse
-Searchable interactive map
Eclipse websites
-Great American Eclipse
-National Eclipse
-Eclipse Wise
-American Eclipse USA
Education Resources
-NASA visualizations
-NSTA Solar Science
-National Solar Observatory
-American Astronomical Society
-Stanford Solar Center
-Queensland lesson plans
Eclipse FAQ
-Just the faqs
-Rice University FAQ
Safe observing
Credits: Thanks to Celeste Holliman and Parker Wellington.

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